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Product liability cases involve injury or death that is caused by a defective or dangerous product. Many product liability cases involve automobiles that are dangerous because of a defective design that caused the vehicle to rollover during an evasive maneuver, or a defective seatbelt that failed to restrain the occupants. Other product liability cases involve motorcycles, ATVs, lawnmowers, cigarette lighters, flammable mattresses, hip prosthetic devices, and many other products used at work or home.

Because of the public policy favoring the development of safe products, many states have adopted laws that ease the burden of proof on those seeking compensation from the manufacturers and sellers of products. The key to the successful prosecution of product liability claims is the attorneys’ selection of appropriate experts to analyze the product, identify the defect, and testify as to how the injury could have been reasonably avoided.

Because of the extremely technical nature of the task of analyzing and proving that an individual, or property, was harmed by a defective product, these cases are complex, time consuming, and expensive to pursue. Our firm has the experience and resources to see these cases through to a successful conclusion.

Over the years, many people have turned to us to obtain fair and proper compensation from the manufacturers and sellers of defective products. Examples include:

  • a bindery worker who became totally disabled when her scalp was torn from her head by a defective paper drill;
  • a young secretary who was permanently paralyzed when the car she was driving failed to withstand a crash that shouldn’t have resulted in a serious injury;
  • a truck driver who lost a leg when a load of logs being carried by a hydraulic lifter fell upon him;
  • The family of an off-duty fireman who was electrocuted when he leaned against an ungrounded electric sign outside a bar;
  • a young quarry worker whose arm was badly mangled when it was caught in an unsafe conveyor belt.

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