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The negligence of a person or company often results in life-changing injuries and disabilities to others. Our law firm has obtained million-dollar verdicts and settlements securing just compensation for our clients in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. We represent our clients for every type of physical injury claim, including catastrophic injuries and wrongful death claims.

A crucial part of handling a personal injury claim is properly evaluating damages. It is crucial to determine the true nature and extent of one’s injury before settling one’s claims. Often what may appear to be a minor injury is actually a symptom of a much more serious injury. Examples include the headaches and temporary dizziness that can result from permanent traumatic brain injuries, as well as injured joints and vertebrae that remain dynamically unstable or painful after an initial recovery. Failing to properly determine the true nature and extent of an injury results in undervaluing a claim. It is crucial to avoid a rush to settle early.

Certain types of trauma, especially traumatic brain injuries, often result in injuries and conditions which are overlooked by family doctors and emergency room personnel. In such cases, it is crucial to find a qualified specialist who can properly diagnose, treat, and agree to testify on behalf of an injured client.

Different types of injury claims require different approaches. An injury caused by an unsafe condition on a premises or by a commercial product often requires far greater early investigation and action to preserve evidence and secure witness testimony. Such cases cannot be treated the same as rear-end car crash in the investigation phase.

Our firm has secured substantial six and seven figure compensation for clients injured due to defective auto components, a defective drill press, an electric sign that electrocuted a young man, a defective firecracker that caused the loss of an eye, a defective crane that caused the loss of a leg, birth injuries that resulted in severe injury and loss of function of an arm, as well as many other catastrophic cases.


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