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Maryland Wills Trusts & Estate Attorney

Unfortunately, death is inevitable. When someone dies, there may be significant and substantial legal ramifications if there is any property left behind by the decedent. Most of the lawsuits and other complex problems arise in situations where the decedent has not left a valid Will. Dying without a Will may result in an estate being distributed differently than the individual would have wanted. For example, most people don’t realize that a surviving spouse may only get one-third of the estate with the balance being divided among children, or the heirs of deceased children.

Everyone should have a Will and/or Trust. A proper Will will distribute according to the wishes of the individual, can set up contingencies for potential events, establish trusts for minors, coordinate life insurance proceeds into trusts, and can be designed to avoid and/or reduce federal estate taxation which can be very substantial in estates over $700,000.00.

Our firm can provide several attorneys to assist you in preparing an appropriate Will and/or Trust and, where necessary, in the case of large potential estates, assist in bringing in estate planning specialists for tax avoidance.

Following the death of an individual, whether leaving a Will or not, an estate may need to be set up through the court system if there is property to be distributed. Depending upon the amount of property, a Large or Small Estate process may be required. Decisions need to be made regarding who will administer the estate if not named in the Will. Courts have various forms that need to be filed and assets of the decedent need to be accounted for, debts to the decedent need to be collected and liabilities of the decedent need to be paid. Often real estate and personal property need to be sold. A full and detailed accounting has to be filed with the appropriate court. The attorneys in our firm can perform all of these functions for the heirs of the estate.

From time to time, an estate may get involved in a lawsuit. Among other lawsuits, our firm has successfully represented disinherited children in a claim against the estate for proper inheritance based upon the inability of the decedent to understand what he was doing when he signed a Will giving everything he owned to a charitable organization. We have also represented estates where the decedent was killed and the estate sought damages which caused the decedent’s death.

For any matter involving the preparation of a Will, changes to an existing Will, establishment of a trust, claims against an estate, or other situations involving decedents, you will find our attorneys to be helpful and skillful in advising you and in performing legal activities including litigation should that be necessary.

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