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Accidents can result in extensive injuries and disabilities. In thousands of such situations, our law firm has obtained settlements and court verdicts highly compensating our clients for just about every type of physical injury, including amputations and death. Often what may appear to be minor injury begins a degenerative process that can become a serious medical problem. Certain types of trauma from relatively simple accidents can result in problems which often are overlooked by family doctors and emergency room personnel, and which only qualified specialists can diagnose accurately.


It is extremely important that an injured person, after getting initial medical care, retain an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who can help guide in the selection of appropriate medical specialists to evaluate symptoms so as to document medical conditions that could degenerate into more serious problems at a later time. The injured victim’s attorney should have a trained office staff to follow up with all of the details in obtaining police reports, medical records, reports and bills, wage impairment information, witness statements, photographs and diagrams, and many other functions that are essential to preparing for the optimum monetary settlement or trial, should that become necessary. Although most injury cases are settled without a trial, your attorney should treat every case from the beginning as though it would have to be tried, and only an experienced personal injury trial lawyer can do that effectively.


Different types of injury claims require different approaches. Individuals injured in a fall caused by some defect on someone’s property face greater obstacles in building a liability case than faced by people who are rear-ended while waiting at a stoplight in their vehicle. Your attorney needs to understand the special difficulties in these types of cases and deal with them effectively. Some people are injured because of a defect in a product, such as an improperly designed or manufactured vehicle, a deficient piece of machinery or hand tool, a substance containing toxic or carcinogenic elements. This firm has recovered substantial compensation for clients among whom include a quadriplegic injured due to defective auto components, a brain-injured machine operator whose hair was caught in a drill press, the grieving parents of a deceased young man who was electrocuted by a defective sign, the loss of an eye from a defective firecracker, the loss of a leg when a load of lumber fell on an individual due to a defective crane.


Among our attorneys, we have more than 100 years of collective experience representing injured victims.


Work related permanent injuries can justify substantial Worker’s Compensation awards. Often, work injuries appear to be temporary, such as a back or neck strain, but later deteriorate to a permanent degeneration that may even require surgery. It is important to retain an attorney immediately following your injury so you do not become victimized by your employer’s insurer directing and managing medical treatment by insurance designated physicians.


Social Security Disability benefits for permanent total disability resulting from accident, illness and disease can provide you with lifetime monthly income, regardless of your age. To qualify, you must be physically and/or mentally disabled from any gainful employment. Without an attorney, a large percentage of applicants are rejected for benefits by the Social Security Administration. Our firm has a high rate of success in obtaining benefits for individuals initially rejected.


Most important to injured persons, who usually have limited funds, is that we accept your case on a contingent fee basis. This means that we put forth the time, effort and expenses. You only pay a fee if we are successful on your behalf, which is then deducted from your settlement or award.

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