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Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney

When we entrust matters requiring special skill to trained professionals, be they doctors, accountants, lawyers or others, we rely upon them to act within the standard of care applicable to that profession. When they are negligent, the consequences can be devastating. Health care providers, in particular, literally hold our lives in their hands.

The evaluation of claims against professionals also requires special skill. Over the years, hundreds of clients have turned to us to determine whether they are the victims of negligence or merely bad luck. In many cases, after careful investigation, we have represented clients with claims against professionals. Examples of such cases include:

- a baby boy who suffered a crippling arm injury at birth because an obstetrician employed the wrong technique in delivering him;

- a retired government worker who died of AIDS that he contracted from a blood transfusion that he never should have needed;

- a government employee who faces the likelihood of an early death from skin cancer because his dermatologist mistook his cancerous lesion for a benign mole;

- a military wife who had to have both of her big toes amputated because her doctor failed to properly treat her infected ingrown toenails;

- a divorced man who lost thousands of dollars because his divorce lawyer failed to include an important provision in his marital property settlement agreement;

- a local developer who incurred substantial delay and unnecessary costs in the development of a residential subdivision because of negligence on the part of a firm of engineers, planners and surveyors.

The key to the proper handling of these cases is early evaluation by highly qualified experts in the field involved. Over the years we have worked closely with experts in many different disciplines to whom we can turn to evaluate your case.

Medical malpractice cases, in particular, present special problems. While courts require that allegations of medical negligence be supported by the testimony of qualified physicians, health care professionals typically are extremely reluctant to testify against fellow professionals. We have overcome this difficulty by identifying medical specialists from other parts of the country who are willing to testify as well as local physicians for whom the maintenance of high professional standards of competence is more important than the "conspiracy of silence."

Malpractice cases also are procedurally complex. They may be subject to a number of rules that differ, depending upon whether your claim is brought in Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia. In Maryland, for example, virtually all health care malpractice claims must be filed with the Health Claims Alternative Dispute Resolution before a lawsuit can be filed. In Virginia, the time within which a professional malpractice claim must be filed generally is shorter than in Maryland or the District. In Maryland and Virginia, the maximum amount that you can recover is limited by statute, but not in the District. Our thorough familiarity with all of the applicable rules, evidentiary requirements and causation standards has enabled our firm to prevail on our clients’ behalf.

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